Ernest Jones

From the moment you meet him you feel the energy. Different. A confidence defined by his belief that his positive work here, on earth, is part of something much larger than himself. Known for constantly recreating the "norm" and blazing new paths for his peers in personal and professional atmospheres he emerged as a trendsetter and leader. 


Raised in San Francisco, California he sharpened his talents, drawing inspiration frequently from the surrounding community. The inspiration is apparent in each of the eclectic projects he chooses to undertake.  Whether he is creating for Basic Addition Brands, serving the community through The City Eats, sharing his basketball wisdom at Above Average Hoops or in the midst of a new endeavor, he is continuously looking to add value to his experience. 


His passion for service and business compounded with his wit and creativity define him.  As an alumnus of Dominican University of California and the University of San Francisco he values education and looks for opportunities to learn in each life experience.


EJ’s coined phrase “Work More, Hate Less!” has been the model for his work ethic.  He believes that a plethora of small wins ultimately amount to a larger win and while he has seen success he is still on the Championship Run.