Bianca Kunnuji

President of The City Eats. Back in 2013 Kieem and few other friends put an event on in the city for the kids. We gave free haircuts to children and the response we got back from barbers willing to help us as well as the appreciation from parents was great. That same year for Christmas along with a group of friends I prepared meals for those in need and passed handed them out & from then on I knew it was something I had to continue to do. In August of 2014, Kieem & I decided to make it official and create The City Eats, putting together monthly feeds for anyone in need in the Bay Area. Starting out, everything was done trough the use of social media. We were able to prepare over 400 sandwiches with the help of the community alone and had plenty of people willing to help us prep and pass the meals out and from then on we knew that we were not only doing something great for our community but we saw the potential in what we were doing as well. We brought on our 'City Eats Angel' Dana as well as EJ & Aisha and were able to hit the streets of Oakland, San Jose and Berkeley successfully. Dana not only brought amazing energy to our group but had huge plans and ideas for expanding and being able to reach more people in the future. Unfortunately we lost Dana to epilepsy that year, but that only made us work a little harder to make sure we were able to see her vision through. We brought on creative director Bri'yana and together have made a strong team of devoted & dedicated individuals that are out to Be the change we wish to see in the world. Over the past year and a half we have been able to feed thousands of people in California as well as Detroit & New Orleans. We have been a part of some great events to bring the community together such as cleaning the streets in Oakland and Richmond as well as providing free hair cuts to those in need, & my main goal is to reach as many individuals as possible hopefully being able to do more than provide a meal but help them get out of the situation they are in.