Kieem Baker

The City Eats is a non profit founded in 2014 by activist and philanthropist Kieem Baker along with fellow partner Bianca Kunujii. Inspiration for the nonprofit was given to Kieem in 2002 during his usual commute to work as he would pass through one Los Angeles roughest districts, Skid Row. Skid Row was once a destitute and byproduct from lack of veteran funding and patient dumping in the Los Angeles area. Mass of drugs, gang violence and negative environmental surrounding are now aftermath causes for the current locals, however Kieem noticed small acts of donation in time and mentorship actually sparked a change in some of those he helped.


Flash forward today in San Francisco, Kieem with his team have established the City Eats as a non profit, targeting the society of impoverished. Since its birth, The City Eats has assembled help the from local schools, communities and even celebrities hosting multiple food drives and charity events. These drives each month raise and donate substantial amounts of meals to the homeless in San Francisco. The nonprofit also makes efforts returning to home of origin Skid Row, most recently returning with an entire neighborhood of volunteers as well his own family.


The City Eats currently holds fundraising and feeding events every month at its headquartered city in San Francisco. Now that Kieem along with his team have proven that the City Eats can make a local difference, the question is where to next? Eventually Kieem plans to open a second base in Los Angeles along with creating multiple divisions of the City Eats addressing the many sectors that are causes of homeless living.