Damien Posey

Has impacted the lives of San Francisco inner city youth. Throughout his time in the community he has been more then a mentor  he is a life coach and a dedicated case manager. Damienhelps to build a mental strength in the youth that then givesconfidence, not only inthe their day to day live, but in whatever career field they decide to pursue. Damienshows how to set goals and accomplish them as well as understand that every action or inaction has a compounding effect on decisions made in life. These values and beliefs have aided in positive daily habits, which have allowed the youth to excel in both theirpersonal and business relationships to come. The preparation and skills that are learned through Once a monster now a mentor has been the foundation forcurrent success. With the motto "ELIMINATING EXCUSES EVERYDAY " Damien has taught the youthto take time and evaluate their core values. Damien is an incredible life coach and mentor, completely committed to improving youths professional and personal life. By keeping them focus and staying accountable to goals set into place, he provides youth with a clear vision of where they are going. Damienlooks at the whole picture, and is a constant reminder of leading with integrity and by example. Damienhas truly helped these young minds grow in all areas of life . DAMIEN raised in san francisco ca primarily in the bay view and fillmore districts with ties to all the areas of the city. Dob 9/11/1978 single father of one 16 year old girl.


Damien Charles Posey